Version 1.20 of "HarvEST:Citrus" displays 89 libraries and 229,570 ESTs from Citrus and Poncirus.  ESTs from 16 libraries produced by University of California Riverside projects (Timothy Close & Mikeal Roose), ten by University of California Davis (Abhaya Dandekar), five by USDA/ARS US Horticultural Research Lab in Ft. Pierce, Florida (Robert Shatters, Michael Bausher, Jose Chaparro, Greg McCollum) and two from Volcani Center, Israel (Avi Sadka) have been derived from chromatograms using the full HarvEST pipeline. These ~140,000 ESTs retain their phred quality values and therefore can be viewed more extensively than other sequences in HarvEST:Citrus. All other sequences were downloaded as flat files from GenBank nr or dbEST. In general, the dbEST flat file sequences have been truncated to attempt to include only high quality sequence regions in HarvEST:Citrus. Sequences derived from GenBank flat files are from Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain (~71,000 ESTs); USDA/ARS US Horticultural Research Lab in Ft. Pierce (~11,000 ESTs); East Tennessee State University (~3,000 ESTs); Laboratory of Biotechnology & Citrus Genome Analysis Team, Shizuoka, Japan (~2,500 ESTs); smaller numbers of ESTs from several other contributors; and cDNA or genomic sequences from the GenBank nr database, including 40 microbial pathogen sequences. HarvEST:Citrus contains best BLASTX hits from UniProt (January 2007) the Arabidopsis genome (TAIR version 7; April 2007) and the poplar genome (JGI version 1.1). Initial development of HarvEST:Citrus was supported by funding from the USDACSREES Plant Genome program; further development has been supported by the California Citrus Research Board and the University of California Discovery Grant Program.


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